• First Blockchain-enabled Platform for Decentralized Business Networks
  • Powering Secure, Smart Movement of Data and Value between businesses
  • Patent-pending blockchain technology for cross-industry B2B use cases
  • Patent-pending, 1st-of-its-kind Loyakk Index quantifies adoption of platform
  • World-class Team with Business Applications & Blockchain DNA

Latest Updates

  • Nissan Global CIO, Tony Thomas joins Loyakk advisory board
  • Loyakk CEO Salim Ali Speaks at the Churchill Club in San Francisco
  • Jonathan Becher, Chief Digital Officer, SAP joins Loyakk advisory board
  • Loyakk introduces the Loyakk Index – a new way to assess network adoption
  • Patricia Hatter, ex-CIO, McAfee joins Loyakk advisory board


Loyakk's mission is to transform how businesses create and deliver value in the new decentralized economy with their globally distributed network of partners, channels, distributors and vendors. Businesses today face multiple challenges related to data security and privacy, data reconciliation, contract disputes, inefficient processes and limited governance within their business networks leading to billions of dollars lost annually due to increased costs and lost revenues.

Loyakk is addressing these real world challenges through our patent-pending blockchain-enabled Vega Business Relationship Platform. Loyakk Vega is an enterprise-grade platform that has been designed specifically for secure, decentralized business-to-business engagement. It leverages patent-pending blockchain technology to support permissioned sharing of data, standardized communication interfaces, accelerated movement of value based on smart contracts and consistent propagation of business rules & security policies - leading to greatly improved security, efficiency & distributed governance across any business network.


Transform Business Network Interactions and Sharing of Critical Data & Value

The Loyakk Token guarantees Permissioning, Standardization and Propagation of Data, Value & Rules
across the Business Network.


From Centralized, Chaotic & Unsecure

To Decentralized, Protected & Context-aware

Loyakk is run by a bluechip team with a potent mix of enterprise software DNA and technical capabilities spanning enterprise software and blockchain capabilities. The team has filed multiple Blockchain Patents, worked on Hyperledger Fabric and Quorum based applications, built Stock Option Trading Systems at ETrade, and High-Frequency Trading Platforms at CMT and Pension. The business leadership has led the creation of multi-billion dollar solutions, and orchestrated global marketing efforts at SAP, Oracle-Siebel and VMware.


Loyakk Vega is a blockchain-enabled Decentralized Business Networks Platform that enables enterprises to securely and efficiently exchange critical data and value within their business networks and in a contextual and relationship-aware manner. The Loyakk Vega Platform embeds proprietary patent-pending blockchain technology implementation with advanced enterprise relationship management capabilities to address modern business-to-business engagement challenges across industries. Loyakk Vega powers a full stack solution that includes the critical application and platform components and services that’s designed to readily enable early and evolving blockchain use cases across industries while supporting a firm’s vision and roadmap for enterprise-wide blockchain implementation and digital transformation.

Loyakk Vega Enterprise Relationship Platform Stack


Secures and streamlines information exchange, collaboration and engagement between members of the distributed business network

Enables permissioned visibility and access to relevant data by network members based on identity, relationship and business contexts

Facilitates securely timely and accurate movement of digital assets and value between participants based on business rules and policies propagated throughout the network

Accelerates and streamlines complex deals, projects involving multiple parties with smart contracts, and minimizes disputes through better data verifiability & provenance

Standardizes all interactions on the network, helps reconcile data from disparate sources and systems around a single, common version of truth that network members agree upon

Ensures that all data and interactions across the ecosystem can be independently verified by customers, partners, auditors & regulators


“Salim and the team at Loyakk have an audacious goal that is grounded in clear thinking and deep enterprise DNA”

Jonathan Becher,
Chief Digital Officer, SAP

“Loyakk has one of the best use case for blockchain technology that I'VE seen and the combo of loyakk’s technical DNA and Business background from sap, oracle-siebel and IBM is rare "

Patricia Hatter
Ex-CIO, McAfee Security

“I have invested into Loyakk as they have the opportunity to do something very transformative bringing blockchain into the heart of Enterprise Applications and be the next Salesforce and more"

Eric Klein,
Angel Investor, Partner, Lemnos Labs

"The Loyakk team has hit upon a motherlode of value in blockchain for enterprise applications. Salim and his talented team have seen the need from past experiences and have put in the deep thought required to create a truly disruptive platform that will create tremendous value".

Sanjib Kalita,
CMO, Money2020

“Loyakk is reimagining the future of business applications for the blockchain world and they have my attention and investment”.

Gerry McClement
Director, 'Big 4' UK Bank, Investor

“Loyakk has built a truly innovative platform with a vision for transforming enterprise relationships with customers and channel partners. We are not just partnering with you to help our large customers leverage your platform, but also have been a happy customer”.

Santosh Gopal,
VP, Mphasis Inc., Customer & Partner

Industry Value Webs - Powered by Vega Business Relationship Platform

High-Tech Industry Value Web

Enterprises will reimagine how they manage their high value business by better leveraging relationships across their business networks. By bringing partners, vendors, contractors, resellers and other sales agents into a common network, businesses will be able to transform how they sell, implement and support complex technology solutions. The Loyakk Vega platform enables secure, permissioned sharing of deal, project and IP information, verifiable project tracking and relationship-aware smart contracts drive services delivery and compensation with contractors & vendors. All these capabilities helps drive accelerated deal and project execution; improved overall deal & project profitability while greatly reducing project risks.

Insurance Industry Value Web

A distributed value web powered by Vega can enable the insurer and various third parties to easily and instantly access and update relevant information (e.g., claim forms, evidence, adjustor reports, police reports etc.) and efficiently execute their roles via pre-established smart contracts. With Vega's ability to provide a shared data repository / ledger across multiple trusted parties in the value web, Insurers can independently verify the authenticity of customers, policy contracts and transactions by storing a complete historical record, increase the velocity of the quote and policy issuance and reduce or eliminate errors in the process.

Our Team

team pic

Salim Ali

CEO & Co-Founder

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Jitu Telang

CTO & Co-founder

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Jaijiv Prabhakaran

Chief Architect

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Jimjees Abraham

Blockchain Solutions Architect

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Tsvetan Georgiev

Blockchain Technical Architect and Development Lead

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Rakesh Sreekumar

Chief Marketing Officer

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Anthony Thomas

Global CIO, Nissan Motors

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Jonathan Becher

Chief Digital Officer, SAP

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Patricia Hatter

ex-CIO , McAfee

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Harry Brady

Vice President, Strategic Partnerships