Mission: Enable businesses to build and manage collaborative relationships within their ecosystems to thrive in the emerging decentralized economy

Loyakk’s mission is to help companies globally to succeed in the new decentralized economy by reinventing the way they drive business and value across their fast growing ecosystem of customers, channel partners and suppliers. Loyakk is building next-generation ‘Enterprise Value Webs’ powered by our Blockchain-enabled Vega Enterprise Relationship Platform and a portfolio of purpose-built decentralized applications, that will enable businesses to smartly and securely connect, collaborate, transact and engage with each other, based on relationship, trust and value.

The Loyakk platform is being orchestrated by an exceptional team that architected ETrade’s Option Trading Platform, developed High Frequency Trading Platforms at CMT and Penson, built business and infrastructure analytics solutions for large enterprises and with multi-billion dollar solutions and marketing experience from SAP, Oracle-Siebel and VMware.

VEGA will transform distributed enterprise ecosystem relationships by:

  1. Streamlining information exchange, collaboration and engagement between all members of the ecosystem - via decentralized mobile or web applications
  2. Enabling permissioned access to relevant data and delivering personalized experiences for ecosystem members based on their identity, relationship and business contexts
  3. Accelerating large complex deals and project execution involving multiple parties with smart contract management
  4. Facilitating timely and accurate movement of assets and value between participants across the ecosystem, locally and globally.
  5. Ensuring that both Enterprise-wide data and external interactions across the ecosystem can be independently verified by customers, partners, auditors & regulators
  6. Increasing the velocity of businesses by automating key processes with AI, and by enabling faster, better decisions via actionable insights drawn from across the value web

Some of our Customers

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VEGA Enterprise Relationship Platform

Vega is a high-touch enterprise relationship management platform that enables enterprises to grow collaborative, distributed business relationships with their customers, channel partners and suppliers. Vega enables configuration and deployment of a portfolio of decentralized apps for large global enterprises to help them orchestrate business relationships and create powerful value-based ecosystems.

Enterprise ecosystems are complex environments that involve the dynamic interplay of companies, processes, people, products, and services that encompass the creation and delivery of focused value to end customers. Loyakk recognizes this and has designed and built Vega as a comprehensive platform that includes a stack of purpose-built services and that combines various Systems of Record, Systems of Intelligence, and Systems of Engagement to create new comprehensive 'Systems of Value' that enable collaborative relationship management and contextual exchange of functional, financial and business value between members of these enterprise ecosystems.


Customer Engagement

A single irrefutable, immutable, shared source of customer data means better security, personalization and experience delivered to customers from across the value web by the enterprise and its partners in a targeted, consistent and compliant manner.

Loyakk's customer engagement application enables enterprises to deliver unified, personalized, experiences on mobile and web to customers (including high-touch experiences for top high-value customers or accounts), based on their profile, location, behavior and relationship attributes.

Channel Acceleration

With channel relationships executing around the blockchain-enabled platform, businesses will be able to quickly share relevant customer data & insights, manage business agreements, deal registrations and trade incentives in order to accelerate sales and transfer value seamlessly via smart contracts with channel partners.

With Loyakk's channel engagement application, enterprises can enable, engage and empower channel partners to sell, service and deliver targeted experiences to their customers on mobile and web- including via white-labeled mobile apps and websites

Vendor Management

Leverage blockchain to track product and service delivery based on existing service-level agreements (SLAs) and make payments via smart contracts – especially to improve the efficiency and accountability in multiparty vendor relationships including outsourcing arrangements.

Loyakk offers a digital vendor engagement application that enables enterprises to manage their relationships across all vendors in a unified and consistent manner and enable dedicated experience based on predefined engagement templates, policies, locations, product and service agreements.

High-Tech Industry Enterprise Relationship Use Case (B2B)

Enterprises will reimagine how they manage their High Value relationships across their business networks. By bringing partners, contractors, resellers and other sales agents into the sales cycle, businesses will be able to transform how they engage across their global ecosystem. Selectively share deal information, jointly tracking projects, making investments and paying contractors & vendors across the globe will be seamless.


With Vega's ability to provide a shared data repository/ ledger across multiple untrusted parties in the value web, Insurers can independently verify the authenticity of customers, policies and transactions by providing a complete historical record and eliminate errors, as well as increase the velocity of the quote and policy issuance processes. Within claims management, new data streams can enhance the risk selection process by combining location, external risk data. A distributed value web can enable the insurer and various third parties to easily and instantly access and update relevant information (e.g., claim forms, evidence, police reports and third-party review reports). Such a value web is essential to establishing an efficient, transparent and customer-focused claims model based on higher degrees of trust.


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Salim Ali

CEO & Co-Founder

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Jitu Telang

CTO & Co-founder

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Shankar Arora

Advisor & Investor
Sr. Vice President, Citibank

team pic

Jonathan Becher

Chief Digital Officer, SAP

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Harry Brady

Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

team pic

Kevin Fliess

Advisor & Investor,
VP Marketing & Sales, ATPCO

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Patricia Hatter

ex-CIO , McAfee, Intel

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Gary Hall, Jr.

Advisor10-time Olympic
Gold Medallist, US Swimming

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Sanjib Kalita

CMO, Money2020

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Eric Klein

Advisor & Investor,
Partner, Lemnos Labs

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Vic Mahadevan

ex-Chief Strategy Officer, NetApp

team pic

Gerry Mcclement

Advisor and Investor,
Lloyd’s Banking Group

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Jaijiv Prabhakaran

Chief Architect

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Sadiq Quasim

Director Marketing, Europe

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Rakesh Sreekumar

Chief Marketing Officer